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An anal fistula is a tunnel that runs from inside the anus-- the hole your body uses to get rid of solid waste -- to somewhere in the skin around it. Anal fistula is the medical term for an infected tunnel that develops between the skin and the muscular opening at the end of the digestive tract (anus). Anal fistula what is an anal fistula? An anal fistula is a small tunnel that connects an abscess, an infected cavity in the anus, to an opening on the skin around the anus. The anus is the external opening through which feces are expelled from the body.   la fistule anale de louis xiv - asclépios 5 - duration 816. Aphtes, abcès comment soigner les petits maux de bouche ? - duration 643. Anal fistula is a chronic abnormal communication between the epithelialised surface of the anal canal and usually the perianal skin. An anal fistula can be described as a narrow tunnel with its internal opening in the anal canal and its external opening in the skin near the anus. Anal fistulae commonly occur in people with a history of anal abscesses.   béatrice cuzin, urologue et membre dequilibres & populations, nous explique ce quest une fistule. An anal fistula is a small tunnel that develops between the end of the bowel and the skin near the anus (where poo leaves the body). Theyre usually the result of an infection near the anus causing a collection of pus in the nearby tissue. When the pus drains away, it can leave a small channel behind. Html can cures fistula by controlling infection, helping the wound to heal, tr. If youre dealing with one or more fistulas, youll surely want them to be gone. Ive put together a basic guide to anal fistulas to help you understand this difficult condition and what options are available. A fistula is an abnormal connection between two hollow spaces (technically, two epithelialized surfaces), such as blood vessels, intestines, or other hollow organs. Fistulas are usually caused by injury or surgery, but they can also result from an infection or inflammation. Fistulas are generally a disease condition, but they may be surgically created for therapeutic reasons.

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